Philippine CACAO
Annana is a professional CACAO beans leader company. We have more than 100 hectors contract farming. We are always focusing on CACAO beans quality and fermentation technology. Our mission is provide the best CACAO beans in this world.
We are the first company to provide single CACAO variety and levelable beans product.
Welcom to vist us in Davao city Philippine.
Mount Apo, located in the Philippines, is not only the country's tallest peak but also renowned for its coffee beans. These beans, cultivated in the rich volcanic soil of Mount Apo, are prized for their unique flavor profile and high quality. Known for their smooth, slightly fruity taste with hints of chocolate and nutty undertones, Mount Apo coffee beans are cherished by coffee enthusiasts worldwide. The high elevation, cool climate, and volcanic soil of Mount Apo create optimal conditions for growing coffee, resulting in beans that are often described as rich, aromatic, and well-balanced. Philippine coffee, especially from regions like Mount Apo, has gained recognition for its distinctive characteristics and is increasingly sought after in the global specialty coffee market. Whether brewed as a single-origin coffee or blended to enhance its unique qualities, Mount Apo coffee beans represent a taste of Philippine excellence and a testament to the country's rich coffee-growing heritage.
Special Aroma
ANNANA unique flavor of CACAO & COFFEE beans is shaped by the terroir and special fermented technology, much like fine wines or coffee. Factor such as soil composition, climate, and the specific CACAO beans variety all contribute to the distinct aroma and taste. This natural variation allows us savor a broad sepctrum of CACAO flavors.
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