Philippine CACAO
Annana is a professional CACAO beans leader company. We have more than 100 hectors contract farming. We are always focusing on CACAO beans quality and fermentation technology. Our mission is provide the best CACAO beans in this world.
We are the first company to provide single CACAO variety and levelable beans product.
Welcom to vist us in Davao city Philippine.
Our CACAO beans are all single-origin CACAO bean reveals the most authentic expression of each regions flavors. For instance, cacao beans from Malagos Calinan might offer a fruity and floral profile, while beans from Baquio Calinan present a bright and citrusy zest.
The most important thing is we checked each bean before we pack it.
Special Aroma
ANNANA unique flavor of CACAO beans is shaped by the terroir and special fermented technology, much like fine wines or coffee. Factor such as soil composition, climate, and the specific CACAO beans variety all contribute to the distinct aroma and taste. This natural variation allows us savor a broad sepctrum of CACAO flavors.
Solar drying
Mechanical drying
Solar drying
Planting Station